Monday, September 8, 2008

The Clearest Air Dwells Out Over the Cliff In The Mist

Spent some time reading Springsteen's blogroll on his website this weekend. Just getting a feel for how to breathe life into this page and give my readers something fresh.

A couple of things that struck me in odd moments during the last 24 hours...

  1. Had a dream last night that I killed two mice in my mother's presence in her kitchen, and then apologized. I killed them with the hot dog roasting sticks that we always kept in the basement stairwell just off the kitchen, and then placed them outside in a puddle to drown. Then I apologized to my mother for the person I had become.
  2. Coming out of an addiction, regardless of the drug (in this case, bad men), sheds moments of raucous clarity. I have moments where everything makes sense for about 3 minutes. I'm hoping that my stamina builds to where everything makes sense for about 6 minutes. And so on.
  3. I was at my desk for a moment this afternoon, and found that I was remembering an Ohio road and a street in San Francisco as if they felt and looked the same.

Okay, that's more than a couple. But sometimes you need three.

Sleep well, dear reader. I'll make the mice into pets tonight.

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dkearns72 said...

loved this entry! makes me want more! there was a sense of weirdness, wander, and wanting to discuss!