Friday, July 4, 2008

Found Treasure

Yep, the environmentalist got another treat with this film. Absolutely wonderful. It continues to delight me how Pixar uses the most mundane of actions, adds nuance, and gives their films life.

I was talking with my roommate the other day how the only Pixar film I hadn't seen was "Cars," because I wasn't impressed with the clips (to me it looked like a bad driver's ed film). I was a little leary about "Wall-E" as well, until I read The New York Times review and found out what the premise was. My previous conception was "How can Pixar create emotion in a robot?" But they did, and the robot conveyed it to me. :)

The short before the feature was hilarious as well, although nothing amazing animation-wise there. Are we so used to the technical marvels of Pixar that now we have to watch for content? In case of the short, yes. In the case of the feature, I was still appreciating the animator's and sound engineer's complete development of physics on a flat canvas. The shopping cart scene and the fire extinguisher propelled flight/dance are great examples...

And the most surprising thing about the movie?

A plotline where the humans create a planet instead of destroy it.

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