Monday, July 7, 2008


Yeah, um, after working a 10-hour day on my feet and standing for a half-hour in the Oakland dust of 91 degrees, I arrived at the BART station at the Embarcadero and couldn't get out. "See Agent."

Turns out the ticket was unreadable.

Now, before you ask...

Yes, I store the ticket in a precarious-to-get-lost and inconvenient place JUST SO THE DAMN THING WILL NOT LOSE ITS MAGNETISM.


The agent thought he would be helpful and gave me a nearly spent ticket and told me to try that. NOPE. I can't imagine why that wouldn't work since he was storing them in a box with other nearly spent tickets...


I lost it. I nearly begged, twice, to be let out. I WAS TIRED, FOR CHRIST'S SWEET SAKE.

He finally just let me through the gate.

And humor me for tonight and tell me a dream of the EZ Rider card working much better when I finally get it.

No tips or tricks. I'm working on getting a job back in my City. I feel like The English Patient out there in Oakland.

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