Friday, June 20, 2008

I Measure Time By How a Body Sways

Thought I would rob a line from Roethke this evening while I catch up on podcasts, download my pre-ordered copy of Coldplay's latest album, and try to find a find a place in the apartment that catches the most breeze. It's hot and I missed two days of Blog 365 but I am no longer in Concord and that is what is important. The heat of the apartment and the heat of the computer fry my legs and cause me to sweat up into the fan...I move the computer to the dining room table and the brick charger burns like molten metal.

Christ, it's hot. I have to say there is no hell but here.

Fresh Air is focusing on the war again...important information, I'm sure, but Fresh Air is like the New Yorker--the editors are thinking one of these pieces is going to be another Vietnam Pulitzer Prize winner and they all sound alike. I drop that one and put Coldplay on. I finish off a cold sports drink. I'm attending the reception to a gay wedding tomorrow. Sort of rules out finding the man of my dreams...Four weddings, a funeral maybe.

Sheesh. More weddings that aren't mine. :)

There's a Middle Eastern cab driver in Concord that has a crush on me, but not enough to come to the City.

The Holiday Inn there has chocolate cake in decadency.

I left a copy of "Away" there, on purpose.

Take me home to my ocean breeze, far from mosquitos and demands. Give me orgasm and deep water.

Clean, deep water.

Hello, dear reader.

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