Friday, May 23, 2008

The Pups Belonging to Travis

Didn't know if I had gotten around to putting these on the blog or not...

The black is Bailey Girl, and the pup belongs to my friend Travis's mom.


dkearns72 said...

awesome! lovely puppy in the field!

Jo Jardin said...

Wanna hear a shocker?

That "field" is in Arizona. Travis hails from Phoenix. My only experiences with Arizona were DESERT, so when I got the picture today I teased him about the grass.

Sidenote: Travis lost his father this year to a heart condition. Travis is in his mid-twenties and finding it hard to be there for his mom when he is here and not able to get the police officer job he went to school for. The only thing really keeping him here right now is his girlfriend goes to SF State.

Any of that sound familiar? Yes, Travis and I have some good conversations, when my boss lets me have them.

dkearns72 said...

ask him if his girlfriend took a history class last semester from a short guy with red whiskers. :)