Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Notes From San Diego

So jealous...until I heard the damn thing is a PEDAL boat.

Seems wrong somehow, MS. :) But the best part is it's inflatable and stores in a duffelbag in his closet. That, and he finally has a "but" (see "Finding Nemo") in California.
My brother gets a kayak and I make homemade mac and cheese. Seems unfair, somehow. :)


Anonymous said...

I give up. What's the Finding Nemo reference?

Jo Jardin said...

There's a scene toward the beginning of the movie when Nemo goes to school (ahahahahaha, school of fish, ahahahaha) and him and a few of his friends swim to the dropoff. In the distance they see the bottom of a boat and Nemo asks, "What is THAT?"

The little angelfish gets all excited--one of his friends saw one of those once, and, oh, what did he call it?

"Oh, yeah, a BUT."

You know how little kids mispronounce sometimes. :)

(The best part is, I had to rewatch that scene to get the premise right--RIGHTEOUS, RIGHTEOUS! Better than swimmin' with the jellies, MAAAAAAAAAAAN.)

Jo Jardin said...

MS and I love that movie...when he goes shark-fishing in the Bay he says he is going for "BRUCIE."

"Ay'm eating fish tonoight!"

Anonymous said...

I wonder if "but" is Aussie for "boat" the same way that "bead" is Aussie for "bed."

One of my fave movies too, and I love the ending. "Now what?"