Saturday, May 10, 2008

Defying Gravity

Yep, I know, DK likes the pics, so in homage here is another...

I have been able to take hour lunches at work for the last two weeks (this is the extents of my accomplishments at work, narrowing my workweek down to 40 hours), and much of that time has been spent at Saffron 685 on Townsend and 8th Street. (Wanna go? See my review in Yelp.) Lunch is usually a lamb schwerma or prawn wrap and either mint lemonade and pomegranate spritzer.

The picture above is the pom...what I loved was the fact that the ice cube on top is defying gravity and standing up! Amazing! How DID they do that?


By the way, last week's work week was 42 hours. This past week, with vacation, was dead-on 40.

I'm getting better at life/work balance. But my boss resents me.

Eckhart would say that's HER ego problem, not mine. I like that thought process.

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