Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I have never had a sister, and my newly acquired one is low-maintenance and a gift. I have never written much about her, but I will put her in the spotlight for a moment and this way you may possibly enjoy her as I do.

Serena is more of a girl than I am, but anyone save the local SF lesbian in the East Bay is more of a girl than I am. She helps to make me more of a girl while I am with her, without slipping me into the high maintenance of 12-hour shopping sprees and fourteen pounds of makeup. We swap some fashion, some cooking tips (she does not cook), but we also enjoy things that in the past women have not embraced in me…Saturday NPR marathons of all the favorite programs, chocolate reviews, and travel tidbits. Serena likes the intellectual side of me, she likes that I go to cafés to write, she likes cafés, for Pete’s sake, PERIOD, and we share much in the way of the same Netflix interests.

She’s not as sentimental as I am, and she doesn’t like to walk too far (although she will walk farther than my brother around her neighborhood in Fresno or San Diego or even Bay to Breakers), but her lack of female pretentiousness is a Godsend. She doesn’t preach to me and still makes me better.

As I said—a gift.

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