Thursday, April 17, 2008

One Life

I have been sick for what has now been, at the time of this publishing, four weeks. I thought it might be something incredibly severe, like pneumonia or TB, but after a visit to my doctor last week I learned that there is a strain of a cold going around that has built up a shelf-life of 3 weeks at the shortest time, and that is what I possess.

No antibiotic was prescribed, since it is not an infection, but I’m told that if it doesn’t subside by the time that I get back from moving one of our branches in Oakland, she wants to see me again. I’m not quite sure what that will accomplish; all that we have established is that colds have gained strength, length and volume in recent years and it’s just going to take more waiting out. I am to take a generic version of Flonase nasal spray, a prescription strength decongestant, and Robitussin to keep the cough down, and flush my passages every two hours with a nedi pot.

I wonder, now, if leeches are next. If she prescribes prayer, she’s a little late.

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