Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Life


Where do they get that number, I wonder? I’m sure it’s a number that includes lots of components, but for someone like me who pulls a straight line of zeros on a far shorter number, that salary looks rediculous.

And not just because it’s FUCKIN’ HUGE.

The highest paid executive in the New York Times article on executive compensation puts John A. Thain, of Merrill Lynch at the top. Interesting commentary considering that Merrill Lynch is an INVESTMENT FIRM. And THE MARKET IS SLUMPING, BIG AND BAD. So when 80,000 more people lose their jobs in the reports this last week, and then these guys, who specialize in the market, make this much, I’m lost. I know that they hold the ultimate responsibility for the entire company. But my God…could they really ever spend all of that?

One life = $83,785,021. Knowing that my compensation isn’t judged on the front page of the Times, PRICELESS.

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