Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kiss Me, And Smile For Me

Yeah, I switched songs.

But it's MY blog, dammit.


I think we are done with the U2's easier to insert extras if I don't try that trick.


Last and behind, I write. Didn't get to write much of anything this weekend, but I am way above beating myself up for it. It was good to just be with the weekend, to be back in the City (my God yes, I DID say it was good to be back in the City) and yet not really compare Oakland to San Francisco. I get and analyze a lot more than the average bear and that seems to put me in contented lessons in the strangest places.

I headed to Oakland last week in the midst of a heat wave in the City, grumpy and packing entirely too much damn luggage. When I got to the hotel I discovered once again that not every City makes the world convenient for a pedestrian, and dinner was junk food from the vending machines. Monday and Tuesday were hella long days with the largest sense of isolation being that no one answered my texts and everyone seemed resigned to giving me rides to and from the job site. (Keep in mind that I could have walked, but then I would have got yelled at for walking in Oakland, as if I don't do that once a month with the Red Cross and as though SF is so much safer.) On top of this my body was mad...a month-long cold and THEN I had the nerve to lift and put away heavy stock. I sat in the tub on Tuesday night trying to soak away my hurt and soul hurt and head hurt and it didn't work well...pretty much sobbed my way into complete surrender. "God, take it." He did, I concentrated on each fastener and box of nails and pipes in front of me on Wednesday and let God worry on all others. It continued that way for the remainder of the week.

Food in Oakland wasn't scarce, but I missed the tight-laced streets of cafes. I also missed mojitos--they apparently don't make them at three restaurants there, and I'm suspecting more. Still, I had the opportunity to eat REAL barbeque at my first visit to Jack London Square (E & J), I got to make some people laugh, I learned to shut up rather than rip people a new one, I learned to appreciate the best in people, and, most of all, I got to see/hear/know that my boss is considered to be a nut by other people and not just me. Hell, in the East Bay she is notorious for it.

I'm heading back there with FG this afternoon--he's joining us this week and giving me a ride--and I have one more week of making this calm a lasting plan.


See you on the Twitters, folks, and I will be back with the long entries in a week.

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dkearns72 said...

But a song from this man.... from a San Francisco woman?!

(I'm sorry, buts its a guy thing to show affection by giving friends a hard time)