Friday, March 14, 2008


I am not a big fan of this week on the calendar—it’s the week of trying to get used to a lost hour that provokes me to consider moving to parts of Arizona and Indiana where the good people of long ago said, “Take your Daylight Savings and shove it.” I do love the fact that the days are longer now, however. It makes the warmth last longer, the sun grace me even after having to live in a concrete building all day, and I appreciate the sunset in a timely but convenient manner.

The sunsets over 280 and 101 looking west over from Mission Creek lately have been particurally stunning lately, with just enough clouds to give the canvas some texture. I am not yet wowed by a California sunset, but I have to admit that these have been pretty enough to curl up in, soft enough to gain comfort from.

I can grant California its beauty, just not any superiority.

Someday I’ll be okay with that, instead angry about it.

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