Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yes, Virginia, Even Vacation Days Have Their Challenges...

You could say this was a bad vacation day.

I lost my iPod in our fair City and I got called into work.


You could say this was a vacation day with the challenges I needed.

I asked God to release me from my expectations, and it will be decided that instead of adding up a tally of wrongs that I experience and being stunned and discouraged by each, I would simply endure these transgressions as the freakin' norm and be delighted and surprised by good things.

And only report here on the good things.

I came to this conclusion on the Number 6. I came to the conclusion not because I was thinking that humans were fundamentally bad but that they are fundamentally lazy, including myself. So I switched the roles out. Suddenly everything became remarkably easy. I went to lunch at Chipotle's and then walked down to Philz.

At Philz I got the call from work. I had to walk in and forward an e-mail. I had to go into work to forward an e-mail. This makes the decision on whether or not to stay easy. Bad action transfers to test of the new outlook. I breathed and let it go.

Later, after the day's happenings, I stepped on the 6 yet again and reached for my iPod. Gone. There are about 6 places I could imagine it to be. Still...

Gary gave me that iPod. I was going to get a new one and destroy this one at tax time with the refund. This way, I get rid of it and someone who doesn't know its history can enjoy it. Go with God, iPod.

And the good things I loved today...swarmed by dogs at Mission Creek, and making friends with their owners (Simon, Shadow, Zero, Evan, Trouser, and Cowboy...I don't know the owners' names, and didn't need to)...watching a boy and his father at the Embarcadero skating...the burrito...the coffee...good writing...peace...a familiar bus driver...alone...one...

I hope you lose your iPod too, dear reader, and gain the world.

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