Saturday, November 17, 2007

Whiskey and Ice Cream

(Jim Beam blended into vanilla is very good, BTW...)

I can't do the magic that DK can do to post the You Tube videos, so you'll just have to link as always:

I caught these guys on Charlie Rose at noon on Thursday and watched in rapture. There is a God, and he works in mysterious ways (some rock fans really hate this collaberation, but they are entitled...purists miss out sometimes though) and then you have Raising Sand.



dkearns72 said...

now, THAT is mysterious ways.....

btw, just hit the "share" button below the video to put it on ur blog.

Jo Jardin said...

Heheh, yes DK, I clicked on the share button. What comes up are 5 sections:
-Post to an Aggregating Service (I didn't see Blogger on there--strange, because You Tube is in essence Google)
-Email Video link
-Log In to Have You Tube Send This Video
-Log In With Your Google Account

I picked the link because I'm clueless as to how the other options could help me post this to my blog.

Can you tell me what I'm missing? Remember, you're working with pen and paper girl here--I need the dumbed-down instructions to live on the net...

Thanks much for your help!

dkearns72 said...

I think you have to login to YouTube. Once you do, its right below the "post to aggregating service" and just says "post to blog." i think there may have been some rigamarole, though, to tell it which is ur blog the first time. hell, its all good-- links are just fine. :)

Jo Jardin said...

Next website: Jo Rigamarole. :)

I will play with it soon and see what I can come up with...

Much thanks for your patience, DK!