Thursday, November 1, 2007

Love and Lehane, Part II

I will be making more installments on this topic, but here's a preview, which can also be found on my Shelfari and Book Crossing brother's getting this one, as he received "Mystic River"'s the review I posted:

I first read Lehane in "Mystic River" in October of 2003 and fell in love with the way he could take a mystery, a simple who-dunnit, and then add a moral spin on it almost to the point that you didn't want to know who did it but you had to solve the mystery. He hurls the mystery at you without beating you over the head with the moral.

Some aspects of his novels have more violence than I like, but I realize the aspects' contribution to the story and leave it alone. Good stuff, as always, from this author.

I will get into more detail as I digest his work and as I see the movie, now that I have some days to write.

Ah, Lehane...last time the music was Jewel's female plaintive hope in the face of a cruel world in "I Won't Walk Away" while I read "Mystic River" in the car, sitting on hills facing west. Jimmy...

"Wrong or right, be mine tonight, harsh world be damned, we'll make a stand...I won't...walk away..."

This time the music was "Magic" by Springsteen, on a dark morning Muni 6, cold wet air on my face and sitting with oatmeal in Specialty's in downtown San Francisco...

"Love can bind, but mine is blind...others stray, but I won't..."

"I've got a coin in my palm, I can make it disappear..."



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