Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Don't Let Anyone Tell You California Doesn't Have Bugs, Part 2

In the old post on Yahoo I talked about how I was told California has no bugs...and how Mike and I experienced mosquitoes in the Sierras, and how Bess and I experienced fleas in the City.

This morning the joy continues...

I woke up yesterday morning with three bites and a tinny whining in my ear (sort of fits right in in my workplace, lol) at 1 a.m., and then woke up this morning to no fewer than 7 bites (there may be more). I tried to kill one floating around the bedroom last night, but the little monster seemed very adept at "fuck you" and got away from me.

My boss was all over me with the lectures--"you got to watch that can get all kinds of diseases from mosquitoes..." Well, I'm not wearing Off to bed and this isn't like safe sex: "Excuse me, Mr. Mosquito, can you put a little mosquito condom on your sticker there before you have your way with me?"

Maybe the Accutane poisoning will fight the goop the skeeters can give me...or kill the little guys that bit me. I can hear their tiny screams now..."Help! Too much Vitamin A! Too much Vitamin A!"

I'm off to hunt for cortizone...

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