Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wings Showing Under the Skin

The Biochemistry experiment is still shifting. Changes:

  • No more bloody, dried out nose
  • Skin is beginning to glow
  • Skin is REALLY soft, except around the edges of my lips, which still peel and when rubbed together scratch with ragged edges

I get compliments now on the skin and I am not joking, it is a pure pleasure to apply lotion, put on clothing, and accidentally brush against my own skin, it's so soft.

Wings show through the chrysalis. Meanwhile, though, back at the ranch, I want to get into shape. The constant yo-yo-ing of eating healthy and not eating so healthy has pared me down to chunky in strange places. I'm thinking of getting up earlier again and walking uphill to the bus. That got the heart pumping, and I could go back to hiking on the weekends, or doing something different about dinner...just a matter of being creative.

But in the end, I want the weight to be next. I want to feel better, and taking the weight off where it stubbornly hangs will help.

Running, maybe...that's quick...

Wings under the skin. Promises of shapes and colors to come.

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